Message from Director

Message from Director
Dr Sanjiw Singh
Director Dr. Sanjiw kumar Singh

Procare Pharma is the youngest Protech group company in India. Procare was introduced with a thought to be a Humane, Progressive and Professional organization that stands for to Care for Better Health. Procare’s mission & vision is clear& achievable. The core competency of our group lies in manufacturing and marketing health care products around the ROW markets. Procare has a generic product portfolio base catering to emerging generic markets. Currently the company operates with its registered products in some CIS countries & few African countries, while in other important African countries, South East Asian countries & Latin American Countries either products are under registration process or discussion with Business Associates are on to establish win-win business association.

We are in the business of healthcare, so to help alleviate human suffering is our prime objective. Therefore, every product we produce, ensures quality, efficacy, safety and affordable cost.

We believe & practice the Quality on top priority and as a result it has become a part of our company culture. We have achieved it through-

Stringent specifications for each product
Well planned product design
Utilizing better resources
Well-trained personnel &
Adhering judiciously to Good Manufacturing Practices
To achieve the quality objective, we have a well-documented Quality Management System in force, which ensures compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Following things are our strength which has helped us to differentiate-

  • Our strength is in providing end-to-end solution to our Business Associates.
  • Our focus on development of new products with a better & cost effective process.
  • Emphasis on Research & Development (R & D) to develop new products, attain better quality at affordable price.
  • Well-trained regulatory team for preparing technical dossiers to support product registration in emerging & ROW markets.
  • I attribute a great part of our success so far to our fellow Procarians & international business associates. It is only due to their trust & support , we could achieved it. They deserve THANKS for making Procare the company that it is today. I am sure with continuous support of our business associates, Procare will continue to grow and come up to their satisfaction level in serving alleviating human suffering and to help them to care for better health.

Thank You,
Yours Sinceerely,

Dr. Sanjiw Kumar Singh